Struggling to survive the teenage years?

We're here to help you and your teen not just survive, but enjoy the teenage years and build rock-solid relationships.





Struggling to survive the teenage years?


We're here to help you and your teen not only survive but to enjoy the teenage years and build rock-solid relationships.


Being a teen can be hard. Being the parent of a teen can be hard. In fact, the teenage years can be rough on the whole family.

Imagine what it would be like to have support and someone to turn to for help when you and your teen need it most. 

We got you. 

  • Help you and your teen manage stress without yelling, fights, and/or melt downs

  • Stop letting self-doubt, fear, and anger get in the way building a happy family

  • Help your teen/young adult stop procrastinating and struggling with school

  •  Make family time fun, relaxing, and deeply connective

  • Create a better relationship with everyone in your family


We are the coaches at Firmly Founded and we are here for you, your teen, and your whole family. 

Our Firmly Founded Family membership has something for everyone from pre-teens (11-12), teens (13-18), young adults (18- early twenties), and their parents (we don't care how old you are).

We help high school and young adults stop letting stress, procrastination, and self-doubt suck all the FUN out of living life.

We help parents create a better relationship with their teen and manage "tough" parenting moments like a pro.

At Firmly Founded we recognize that sometimes it's the parent that needs support, sometimes it's the teen, and sometimes it's both.

No matter what you need we are here to help.

Here's Everything You'll Get In The Firmly Founded Family

Firmly Founded Parent Membership

Life is too short to fight with your teen. Arguing is no fun. Build a connection with your teen and confidence in your parenting.

Firmly Founded Teen Membership

Our memberships include weekly workshops, 1:1 coaching, and engaging videos. Give your teen the exact support they need.

Firmly Founded Young Adult Membership

Here high school seniors, college students, and young adults learn to manage the anxiety/struggles that come with transitioning into life.  

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Meet Our Amazing Coaches!

Ben Pugh

Knucklehead Teen Turned Success

Ali Terry

The Confidence Coach

Joey Mascio

From Awkward Teen to Stage Performer

Nicole Rasmussen

Relationship Coach


The Teen Anxiety Coach


Support starts here. 

What do you say? Get the support your family needs from coaches who are parenting experts and teen whisperers. 
We got you.