Teens, you stand at the start of life's journey

I'm here to help you go farther

My mission is to equip every teen with crucial skills missing from their education that will give them the keys to succeeding in the real world.

Crucial Life Skills Program

A 3 Month Program for Juniors and Seniors

Get your teen the skills they are not getting at school.

Free Coaching

Book a free 30-minute coaching workshop for a teen 

Great for teens who:

  • want to reach a goal

  • feel unmotivated

  • have that mean teacher

  • fail in social situations

  • are experiencing friend issues

  • are always left out

  • deal with big emotions (anxiety, anger, blah, etc.)

and want to fix it.


Free Coaching for Parents of Teens

A free 30-minute coaching workshop for parents to help them in raising and reaching their teen.

Live Event

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My Podcast

Where I talk to teens directly about the skills they need to succeed in life after high school.

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Free FHE Lesson

on Managing Worry, Stress and Anxiety

Get a free FHE PDF ASAP!

(acronyms are the best)

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