A New Podcast for Teens

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The teenage years may be unstable and awkward...

...but you don't have to be.

Join certified life coach and teacher, Joey Mascio, as he tackles how to master daily teen issues in a simple, fun, and engaging way.

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Teens can enter to win a $50, a $100, or a $150 Amazon gift card until April 15th!

(Listen to episodes 1, 2 or 3 to find out how)

What listeners are saying

Great for Teens!

"I really like the style of this podcast, with good analogies and examples that teens relate to. Great tips for life and how to change your thinking. Appreciate this podcast for getting started as my teens are starting into their teen years!"


So Good, So Perfect for teens!

"This podcast is SO good! I, too, am a life coach, and I will be recommending this podcast to all the teens I coach. It you're a teen, this message WILL change the trajectory of your life! If you're a parent, this podcast WILL help you better help your teen!"

Coach Ben Pugh

Top Notch!

"Fantastic content in a conversational way. I always finish an episode feeling I gained another tool on to improve not only my life, but the life of teens that I love. Great job, Joey!"


Joey is so fun to listen to

"You always know you'll be entertainted AND learn something when Joey talks. This podcast is full of great information. So helpful!"