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Customized Direction

With our 1:1 Coaching Package, you get a Firmly Founded coach all to yourself for some personalized coaching that will change your life.

We specialize in coaching teens, young adults, and their parents on the following topics:

Teen & College Aged

  • negative self talk
  • procrastination
  • stress and anxiety
  • social skills
  • self-image
  • making decisions


  • connecting with your teen
  • setting boundaries
  • improving the relationship with your teen
  • self-doubt and blame
  • parenting strategies
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 The Firmly Founded Coaches 

Each of us can get the job done, but we do have areas that we specialize in. See our descriptions below and book a consult with one of us to get started.


Ben loves working with parents and teens. From being a knucklehead teen himself who struggled in school, to being a high school principal for 5 years and a foster parent for 10 years, he has helped hundreds of teens and their parents.

Ben helps parents set boundaries and connect with their teen right where they are.

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Ali has an undergrad in human development and a masters in social work. She has 4 kids of her own, her oldest being a teenager, and has worked with many young adults over the years in different capacities.

She loves teaching, encouraging, and supporting young adults through the journey of self-discovery and confidence building!

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Joey has a Masters in Education, has worked with teens at both the high school and middle school levels, and has a background in performance and improv comedy.

He specializes in helping teens and college students get over self-doubt, procrastination, and stress so they can become the hero of their own story!

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