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A Video Course for YSA

Actually Enjoy Dating

Holding Hands

Wasn't dating supposed to be fun?

Now it's an anxiety-producing, drama-filled process with a mysterious "code" you have to abide by in order to find happiness!!

Why is this so hard!?!

It doesn't have to be!

Dating can be FUN and EASY!

(for realsies)

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Imagine being able to talk to that cutie at the party, nail the first date, figure out if they are into you or not, and start a relationship or movie on to the next one, while being confident the whole time.

Gain confidence.

Lose confusion.

(it didn't look good on you anyway)

Uncomplicating Dating is a video series that will help you eliminate all the mind drama that is tripping you up and help get rid of the fog of stress and fear that makes going out with someone more difficult than it needs to be.

The series will cover:

  • How to Socialize with Ease

  • Finding the Right Person

  • Getting the First Date

  • Being Comfortable on the First Date

  • Getting the Second Date

  • Handling or Giving Rejection

  • Moving to the Next Level

I Can Read Minds

Okay, okay... while that "technically" isn't true, I have been a young adult Life Coach long enough to frequently get the response "Dude, it's like you're in my head!"

As a certified Life Coach, I have the skills to help you hack your brain, get out of your own way, and be successful.

As someone trained in the art of improvisation, performance, and public speaking, I teach you those skills and help you apply them to dating.


PLUS direct access to your own Life Coach!

As part of the Uncomplicating Dating course, you can access to me on Voxer!

Message me your questions or hang ups via voice or text on Voxer and I'll respond within 24 hours.

Let me help you work out the battles going on in your mind over asking someone out, what their texts (or lack thereof) might mean, and how to move up or move on.


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Let's be honest, you've spent more than that on awkward first dates.

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