Schools are not teaching teens the social and emotional skills they need for life.

Teens who take this program will:

succeed academically,

thrive socially,

and mature emotionally.

Real Life is Coming

As a parent your greatest hope for your child is that they will have a happy and successful life. They’ve spent the last decade of their life in school preparing for their future and you have a couple of short years left to ensure they are ready to leave the nest and fly. 


Do they have all the skills they’ll need to be successful and happy as they go out into the world?


Unfortunately, many teens and young adults are not adequately prepared for life after high school. They may have even excelled in high school, but now they go out into the world as a little fish in a big pond. 


Classes are stressful. 

Roommates are difficult. 

Choosing a career is overwhelming. 

Jobs are tricky to find. 

Bosses are demanding.

Time is difficult to manage. 

Self doubt creeps in.


“I have to pass my exams, do my laundry, go to work, feed myself, and try to have a social life?”


High school did not prepare them for this.


All these new challenges really start to build up. They feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. That leads to underperformance and poor time management. Their confidence in themselves and their ability to be successful begins to waiver. 


Many turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms–alcohol, eating disorders, pornography, excessive video gaming. Some might drop out, quit their job, and move back home. They’ll figure it all out later.


They feel powerless to change things. They feel they are the victim. Things weren’t supposed to be this hard.


Eventually the phone call home comes letting mom or dad know that they are not happy.

This is not the life they envisioned for themselves, and certainly not what you had hoped for them.

As parents, you think,

"Wasn’t school supposed to prepare them for this?"

No. It wasn't.

There is So Much More to Success Than


For young adults that have these crucial life skills, the years after high school are much more successful and enjoyable.


When they get a demanding boss, they are still able to build a successful relationship with them.


When class loads get heavy, they are able to manage their mind and, therefore, their time.


When unforeseen circumstances affect their job or relationships, they are able to control their emotions and find meaningful and lasting solutions.


They don’t just set goals, they are able to motivate themselves to achieve them despite set backs.


Calls home to mom or dad are loaded with stories of conquests and accomplishments.


Parents are at peace knowing that their child is living the happy and successful life they always hoped for them.

Very few teens are deliberately taught these crucial life skills.

Ask Yourself This:

Is Your Teen Really Ready for College and Career?

Teen Photo (1).png

Like, for realsies?

Because the last time I checked, being successful in either one of those categories involves so much more than being able to pass a test.

It involves people skills.

Decision making skills.

Self-motivation skills.

Emotional management skills.

These are often called "soft" skills, but I call them crucial skills teens need to achieve all those dreams they have.

And they are left out of school's College and Career programs.

That's why I created the Crucial Life Skills program.


The Crucial Life Skills Program

Teens go through a 3 month program that involves training videos, one-on-one instruction & coaching, and live webinars that teach teens the following skills:

Identifying the true cause of problems and solving them


Creating a successful relationship with anybody


Handling the difficult emotions that are part of real life


Developing a self-image that will make you unstoppable

Motivating yourself even when you don't feel like it



"For a teenager just about to go into my senior year of high school (not to mention in the year 2020) your program helped me feel more confident in my ability to handle any situation and to solve any problem. I looked forward to every coaching session and was excited to share how I had grown with my friends and family. I was able to bring up things that I wanted coaching on regardless of the theme of the week and felt like it was really catered to me and my personal life."

~Olivia, 17

After the Program, Participants Will Be Able To:

  • identify the source of any problem and how to solve it

  • create a successful relationship with any peer or superior

  • process emotions that arise from failures, loss, or other's actions

  • develop and maintain a positive and powerful self-image

  • manage their time to plan and accomplish goals

  • build the happy and successful life they want

Two Tracks to Choose From

Crucial Life Skills Badge (2).png

Includes 6 one-one-one coaching workshops with me and the teen. In these workshops, teens get direct coaching help in applying the skills to specific circumstances in their life.

Crucial Life Skills Badge (3).png

Includes 6 webinar-style coaching workshops with me and every teen in Track B. All cameras are off but mine, and teens can submit questions live or ahead of time.

Why Two Tracks?

Some teens are up for one-on-one coaching and some are not. And that's totally okay! While getting the personal coaching in Track A is the best way to get personalized results, the "less personal" approach of Track B allows teens who feel uncomfortable meeting one-on-one to still participate in the program and benefit from a live coaching workshop where teens watch and can submit questions or volunteer for live coaching.


Everything else remains the same, including live events, individual accountability, and rewards.

The Program Structure

  • A 45 minute coaching workshop every other week via video conference (6 total)

    • Individual (Track A), Webinar (Track B)

  • An engaging training video to watch the weeks between sessions (6 total)

  • Access to downloadable planners, worksheets, and graphic organizers

  • Monthly Meetup - connect and compete with other teens to earn points (virtual)

  • Entertaining and instructive bonus content released regularly

  • Lifetime access to all the content (and any new material released)

  • Schedules and deadlines to follow along with a group of peers

  • Access to my other training videos and courses for young adults

  • Enrollment in my Reward Program

Reward Program

(How I Get Young Adults to Actually Do the Work in the Program)

The Reward Program is how I solved the problem of people not finishing stuff.

Every teacher's and parent's big question is "how do I motivate young adults to do the things I want them to do?"

My answer? Give them access to rewards they actually want.

Xbox controllers. Designer clothes. Air Pods. Beats. A case of Flammin' Hot Cheetos to call their own.

These are all rewards they can win.

But they have to earn them.

Every month, they earn Experience Points (XP) by completing challenges, participating in live calls, finishing tasks, and showing up. The more XP they have, the more likely they are to win one of the monthly rewards.

It's kind of like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids. But instead of getting rewards for playing pointless games, they get rewards for learning crucial life skills.

Excited Teens.png


"This should be required training for all adolescents- and their parents too! Thank you so much! We are so glad that we found this program! Highly recommended!!!"

~ Melissa, Parent

Will They Actually Learn Anything?

The Life Coach School Logo.png
UCLA Professional Program.jpg

Not just anyone can teach these skills and have them stick.

As a certificated teacher, certified life coach, a trained performer and writer for film and television, I am uniquely qualified to reach young adults.

My content is designed to bring them in, hook them, and deliver these valuable concepts

I follow the Marvel Movie approach: make it powerful, make it funny, make it memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is the program for?

The Crucial Life Skills Program is perfect for teens who are high school juniors or seniors. However, any young adults ages 15-25 can benefit from it. The skills learned will help them with everything they experience during that time, including school, dating, marriage, friends, and career goals.

Will my teen be interacting with other teens?

No. Teens do not have access to each other and can only see the other participant's first name and last initial, progress, and who wins the monthly rewards.​ During the monthly Live Calls, I am the only one who can see the questions or comments that are submitted.

What is the main way you will be communicating with my teen?

I useBloomz, an award-winning parent-student-teacher communication app to send reminders, notifications, links and to award points.

What is the parent's role in the program?

Parents have the option to sign up for notifications of their child's progress, accomplishments, and reminders via the Bloomz app. All reminders and challenges will be the teen's responsibility to complete, though parents may follow along and encourage as much or as little as they'd like.

Is my teen guaranteed to win a reward?

No. Winners are selected based off of the amount of points they earn for completing work, watching videos, and finishing challenges. The more points they get, the more it increases their chances of winning a reward. However, there is no guarantee that a participant will win a reward in the three month program.

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Don't spend one more day assuming that school has prepared your child for real life.

Give your teen the gift of self-development so they can excel in the real world.