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Free Live Events

Teens Ask a Coach

A free event for teens to ask a life coach any question to help make their life more awesome.

Ask a Teen Expert

A free event for parents to get help from certified teen life coaches on raising and reaching their teens.

Parents want to help their teens. They gave them life, after all. Building connections, guiding them through trials, and teaching them the ways of life are the fulfilling parts of the job description.


But sometimes doing those parental pleasantries are hard, for any number of reasons: 


The parent doesn’t have any experience with what the teen is struggling with. 


The teen doesn’t want help. 


The parent has tried everything and nothing works. 


The teen can’t express what’s wrong. 


Outside influences are getting in the way.


Emotions are running too high for anything to be effective.


But, rather than considering yourself a failed parent, I have a better idea.

Come get advice that works and your questions answered from teen experts, in this live workshop “Ask a Teen Expert”.


In this webinar you’ll get

  1. What important life skills to teach your teens that schools are not

  2. How to teach your teen resiliency and self-reliance

  3. The most powerful way to connect with your teen

  4. The secret to help a teen struggling with anxiety or insecurity

  5. Your specific questions answered live by four teen experts


If you’re ready to stop wondering what to do to reach your teen, take helpful action, and feel like a successful parent, then make sure you register to save your seat for our free live workshop.