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A Life Coaching Program built specifically for


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Conquer Your Emotions

Introduction Video

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Engaging Video Courses


Teens can learn various superpowers at their own pace, on their own time with our library of video courses.

With more courses being added all the time, this is their main place for learning the powerful skills of  mental and emotional resiliency.

Video Lesson Preview

Here is a lesson from the "Eliminating Awkward Conversations" course, where Joey uses his two-decades worth of experience doing improvisational comedy to help teens have less awkward conversations.

The Training Room

A Live Interactive Workshop


The Training Room is where all the action is. Our coaches run this live event multiple times a month and teach powerful lessons, share stories, and coach teens.

It will be the most fun and helpful hour of your teen's week.

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A fun event that give teens powerful life coaching tools to make them more awesome!

Live Coaching Example

A Team of Teen Coaches


The coaches of Firmly Founded are not only certified, but seasoned teen experts! We've worked with teens as teachers, a principal, foster parents, school counselors, camp counselors, church youth leaders, seminary teachers, and more.

We pride ourselves in being every teen's favorite adult. (besides their parents, duh)

Expert advice from 4 teen experts

Ali Terry

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Darbi Brisbon

Ben Pugh

Joey Mascio

Our Collective Credentials

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Meet the Coaches!

Monthly Prizes


Teens earn XP for watching videos, attending events, completing challenges, reaching their goals, and winning competitions.

The more XP they earn, the more likely they are to win our monthly Amazon Gift Card Giveaways. 

As we grow, so will our prizes...

(PS5, anyone?)

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Gamification and inspiration are the best motivation.

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1:1 Coaching



Teens have access to one coaching session a month with one of our certified coaches.


This helps them get personalized answers to their questions and powerful coaching to help them out where the rubber meets the road.

(Subject to availability)

Customized guidance from a certified teen expert

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Virtual Hangouts


This community event happens once a month and is purely just to have fun, build community, and win prizes!

We've played Among Us, baked cookies, battled in a Connect 4 Tournament, hosted a Netflix Watch Party, and more! 


This is a fun opportunity for teens to spend fun time with their mentors and their peers.

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From our Baking Cookies with Coaches event

Community builds confidence.

What Teens & Parents Are Saying

"This program is for any teenager who exists. That's it... But seriously, if you want to feel better about yourself and your relationship with those around you, this is definitely the program for you."

Olivia, age 17

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