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Thursday, February 4th, 2021 

8:00pm Mountain Time

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Is It Possible to...

  • feel confident when talking to the opposite sex?

  • navigate social situations like a boss?

  • always know what to say?

  • get out of your own way so you can BE YOURSELF ON A FIRST DATE?


Social confidence is a skill that YOU can learn. (yes, you)

There are rules and techniques to the art of conversation, that when followed, help prevent those awkward, I-have-no-idea-what-to-say moments.

These skills are what helped me–a balding, pasty white, out-of-work writer–ACE the first date with a gorgeous, new-to-the-ward, scientist, that all the guys were asking out who–SPOILER ALERT–became my wife.

I mean, look at our engagement photo!! 

Everyone who saw this definitely was thinking, "Dude, this guy married up."

It wasn't my looks that got her, it was my confidence.

These skills work for guys and girls, btw. Either gender has the ability to remove the awkwardness from the date. #genderequality 

Register now for this free virtual event and let confidence remove the awkwardness from your next first date.

About the Speaker

Joey Mascio is a certified life coach, experienced teacher, trained performer, a hilarious comedian, a skilled artisan, a prolific poet–Okay, okay, this is me writing this.


But I AM most of those things.


I coach young adults on how to conquer relationships and school (often at the same time!!)


As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, I get the YSA ward dating scene.


Also, I've performed on over 100 stages, including as a performer at Disneyland, so you know this thing won't be boring.


Plus, I really really really do know what I'm talking about. Cross my heart.


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