Young Adults stand at the start of life's journey...

I'm here to help them go farther

I'm Joey Mascio and I'm a certified life coach that can actually relate to teens and young adults!

My mission is to equip every teen and young adult with crucial social & emotional skills missing from their education that will give them the keys to succeeding in the real world.

There are TWO WAYS for your young adult to work with me:

Ages 15-18

Ages 15-25

Parents, I've got something for you, too

The Firmly Founded Teen

A Coaching Program for High School Juniors and Seniors

Succeed Academically

Thrive Socially

Mature Emotionally

I teamed up with three other certified teen life coaches to create the only Coaching Membership for Teens with engaging training videos, live coaching, and monthly giveaways.

It's pretty epic.

"This program is for any teenager who exists. That’s it. There were videos to watch every other week and a coaching session in between, not to mention the prizes. :) But seriously, if you want to feel better about yourself and your relationships with those around you, this is definitely the program for you."

~Olivia, 17


Free Coaching

Book a free 30-minute coaching workshop for a young adult age 15-25 

Great for young adults who are:

  • trying to reach a goal

  • feeling unmotivated

  • struggling to finish school

  • failing in social situations

  • wanting to improve relationships

  • striving to become tomorrow's leader

  • not happy with where they are in life

and want to level up.


Uncomplicating Dating

Because dating doesn't need the drama

In this 9-video course for young single adults, I give tools, tips, and strategies for how to make finding your spouse easier and more fun.

Live Events

Teens Ask a Coach

A free event for teens to ask a life coach any question to help make their life more awesome.

Ask a Teen Expert

A free event for parents to get help from certified teen life coaches on raising and reaching their teens.


Coaching for Parents

What do you do when your teen doesn't want to get coached?

You get coached.

Heck, even if your teen is getting coached, it's a great idea to get coaching yourself. What better way to strengthen relationships than strengthening both of your thinking and emotional resilience?

The other coaches at Firmly Founded and I have launched The Firmly Founded Parent, a new coaching membership for parents of teens that includes two group calls AND two private coaching calls a month. It's amazing.

Or, sign up for your own 1-on-1 coach and get intensive, personalized help on being the parent you've always wanted to be for your teen.


My Podcast

Where I talk to young adults directly about the skills they need to succeed in life after high school.

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