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Next Phase Action Pack

Congrats! You made the wise choice in getting the Next Phase Action Pack. Woo hoo!


As one of your goodies, you get 3 months free to one of our two coaching membership programs at Firmly Founded Coaching.


You can either get your teen access to the Firmly Founded Teen or get yourself access to the Firmly Founded Parent.

The Firmly Founded Teen 

  • Videos designed to help with typical teen struggles

  • Two live Coaching Workshops a month

  • One live Party Event a month

  • Teens can win rewards and prizes by participating

  • Only sign your teen up if they want to (reluctant teens waste your time and money)

The Firmly Founded Parent

  • Videos designed to help parents with their teens

  • Two live Coaching Workshops a month

  • Two 25 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions with one of our certified coaches

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group

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