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A Coaching Program for Parents of Teens

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Nothing you or your teen are struggling with is unsolvable.

We promise.

If you're ready to be done with...

  • day to day teenage drama and chaos

  • solving your teen's problems for them

  • worrying and trying harder than ever but feeling like your relationship is worse than ever


... you've come to the right place.

What's In the Program?

Video Courses That Inspire


Content Just for Parents of Teens

Being a parent of a teen doesn't come with an instruction manual. Our video courses are the next best thing. Learn how to set boundaries, make an impact in your teen's life, yell less, play more, and other helpful tips and techniques.

New courses are always being added.

Group Coaching Workshops

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Get live coaching or watch other parents get coached on raising teens.

2 Personal 1-on-1 Calls a Month

Get two 25 minute calls a month with one of our certified coaches to help apply powerful concepts to your life.

1 Program, 4 Coaches

Actionable advice from

4 certified teen experts.

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Meet the Coaches!

Ali Terry

Ali has an undergrad in human development and a masters in social work. She has 4 kids of her own, her oldest being a teenager, and has worked with many teenagers over the years in different capacities. She loves teaching, encouraging, and supporting parents as they navigate the fascinating road of parenthood.

Ben Pugh

Ben loves working with parents and teens. From being a knucklehead teen himself who struggled in school, to being a high school principal for 5 years and a foster parent for 10 years, he has helped hundreds of teens and their parents. Ben helps parents keep challenges in perspective, connect with their teens, and have a powerful impact on their lives.

Darbi Brisbon

Darbi has raised one teen successfully and is currently in the process with 4 more. She has a blended family and knows how to love and guide step children. Her experience as a young adult coach has helped her to understand what teens and young adults are thinking and she passes that understanding on to you.

Joey Mascio

Joey has a Masters in Education, has worked with teens at both the high school and middle school levels, and has a background in performance and improv comedy. He loves helping parents get to a place where they can motivate, teach, and enforce boundaries with their teens while not becoming the enemy.

"Ben is a fantastic coach! I always come away from our sessions with new insight and greater understanding. He is quick to see right to the heart of my issue and helps me to overcome my own limiting thinking. I highly recommend him as a coach!"

—  Marika

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Want Personalized Help?

Work 1 on 1 With One of Our Parent Coaches


Darbi helps parents in transitioning their teen into adulthood.


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Ali helps parents identify and optimize their strengths in order to feel empowered as they parent.


Ben helps parents keep challenges in perspective, connect with their teens, and have a powerful impact on their lives.


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