• Joey Mascio


Anxiety has become increasingly common among teens today. There’s a lot of factors that play into this phenomena. But it’s helpful to understand what anxiety really is and where it comes from.  

Anxiety is a secondary emotion. It comes from resisting a primary emotion such as stress, worry, fear, or overwhelm. It comes when we panic about negative emotions rather than feel them, allow them, and make peace with them. 

A lot of people, especially teens, operate under the idea that they should feel good and happy all of the time. So when unpleasant emotions do arise, we often feel that something has gone terribly wrong. This fear leads us to resist and seek to escape negative emotions, which actually causes them to build and produces anxiety.

Worry, fear, stress, and overwhelm are all just feelings. Negative feelings can’t physically hurt us and are a part of this wonderful life. Once a teen realizes this, they can learn to stop compounding their negative emotions with anxiety and start viewing them as neutral and natural.

That is the first step towards taking back control of their life.


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