• Joey Mascio

Anxious About Your Teen's Anxiety?

Many teens feel anxious and worried about the future. College, career, marriage, mission, the thought of getting everything to go "right" can be overwhelming.

As a parent, you want to hold them and tell them "everything is going to be all right."

But don't.

When your teen expresses anxiety about something that could go wrong, instead of telling them "don't worry, that won't happen," help them accept the worst case scenario so they don't have to fear it as much.

For example, if your child is feeling anxious or worried that they won't get into the college of their choice, explore what they could do if that fear came true. Help them see that it wouldn't be as bad as they are imagining it would be.

Once they've accepted the worst possible outcome, help them identify what they can do to avoid it. Once they've done all they can do (see 2 Nephi 25:23), the only thing left is to trust God. Remind them that God wants what's best for them and He won't ever let things go permanently wrong in their life.

What a Parent Can Do

Let them know anxiety is a normal feeling.

Help them analyze their fears and come to grips with what it is they're afraid of.

Reassure your teen that as time goes on, things will become more clear.

Tell them they don't have to have all the answers right now and share a relatable story from when you were a teen wondering about the future.


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