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Calming the Anxiety Storm

by Angela Mascio

I used to feel stress and anxiety like a storm welling up inside of me. It felt like all my insides were twisted and bouncing around, trying to come out.

Like an explosion was brewing.

And often I would end up “exploding,” whether it be through tears, yelling, or some other physical outburst. I didn’t know how to handle and contain the big emotions going on inside my body.

Luckily, coaching has changed all that.

I found life coaching when I was going through some postpartum depression and anxiety after my second child was born. 

I really believe God led me to it as a way to help calm the storm that was raging inside of me. 

Christ has the power not only to calm the seas, but also to calm us. He uses a variety of methods to do that, and for me, learning the tools taught in life coaching was one of those ways. 

Coaching taught me how to actually process my emotions instead of reacting to or resisting them. 

This was life changing.

I wish I had known how to do this as a teenager. I’m sure my parents wish I had known how to do this as a teenager as well.

Processing emotions can basically be broken down into four steps:

  1. Relax your body and breathe

  2. Identify the emotion and remind yourself it is ok to feel that way

  3. Notice how the emotion feels in your body

  4. Give it time, allow yourself to feel the emotion as long as necessary.

When you follow this method of feeling your feelings, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the intense emotions fade.

Seriously, give it a try! Teach this method to your teenager.

A lot of anxiety comes from resisting our emotions in the first place and not properly processing fear, worry, disappointment, etc.

With these tools, and the help of a loving Savior, your teen will be on track to managing their overwhelm, anxiety, and worry.

~ Angela Mascio


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