• Joey Mascio

Panic and Fear

This week at the beach I lost my 3-year-old son. It was the scariest moment of my life. One minute he was playing with his cousin in the sand and the next he was nowhere in sight.

I panicked. My adrenaline surged. I ran to where he had been playing, frantically calling his name. I stood frozen looking up and down the beach and out into the ocean, looking for the red hat he had been wearing. I felt paralyzed and helpless. I did not know what to do. My brain wasn’t functioning properly.

Fortunately, others who were less frantic and panicked than I, went about searching along the beach and soon found our wandering little 3 year old. He was completely clueless and having the time of his life, I’m sure.

Moral of the story? Don’t panic. I don’t blame myself for feeling and acting the way I did, but I would have been so much more helpful in this situation if I had kept my cool.

If your teen seems lost in life and is wandering from the principles you have taught them, don’t panic. It might seem like the only natural and logical thing to do, but in reality it will only make matters worse. When we are scared, panicked, or angry we don’t think clearly and our actions are usually not ones that will lead to the results we want.

So work through those emotions of anger, fear, or panic before you decide what direction to move in with your teen. Work on coming to a place of hope, peace, and ultimately love. Those are the emotions that are most conducive to inviting the Holy Ghost to guide you in your parenting. In the end, the Spirit will be your best guide as you navigate the treacherous waters of parenting a teenager.


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