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An inspirational experience that restores and strengthens resilience, confidence, healthy habits, and leadership skills at every level of school and life.

Dear School Leaders

You know what your school needs most right now. You’ve been asking for it for years. Students struggle to stay engaged and motivated. Even your best teachers get discouraged at times.


You’re doing all you can to solve problems and help reduce stress for those you lead, but you’re only one person. You can’t do it all.




We created this unique event to support you with getting the mental and emotional tools students, staff, and community needs to create more happiness and success in their lives.

A Message to Principals from Angela Kelly

Imagine an event that students actually want to attend where they gain tips to build resilience in a way that is fun, simple, and doable.

Yep. It's Possible.

What's the Point?

What students gain:

  • Get homework done with less stress

  • How to manage big emotions

  • Feel more control in their lives

  • Confidence and motivation

Math Teacher

What teachers and school leaders gain:

  • Connected and compassionate school culture

  • More control over your work schedule – get more done in less time

  • Effective and efficient discipline measures

  • Use coaching tools to support staff and students

What parents gain:

  • Connect more with their teens

  • Create and enforce boundaries in the home

  • Manage their own stress and emotions

  • Help their teens make important decisions about their future

Teens with Parents.png

School is designed to teach "hard skills," like reading, writing, and arithmetic.


"Soft skills" include skills like emotional resilience, self-image, motivation, and relationship building.


Soft skills are often overlooked in schools. They may exist in the form of positive posters or motivational slogans, but how to actually do those mantras or make those choices are often never taught.

This is where the Firmly Founded School comes in.

We are a group of certified coaches for teens with a mixed background in education, social work, and motivational speaking.

And we are EXPERTS at teaching the soft skills.

Soft skills will multiply the hard skills of students and staff, leading to more efficiency, an increase in academic performance, and a decrease in behavioral problems.

This virtual event is designed specifically for schools in full distance learning (works for hybrid, too). This all day event will give practical skills to each community member.


How Does It Work?


Assemblies, breakout rooms, and games.

All done virtually.

We will meet your students and staff where they are, whether you are a Zoom or a Google Meet District.

We Plan Ahead

We come from a background in education, so we know what it takes to put together a successful event for students, staff, and parents: communication.

That's why we meet with the important people on your team to figure out how our event can be the most effective for your community.

We'll communicate with your counselors, techs, ASB teacher, office staff, administration, and teachers to get info out and take info in to help ensure a smooth and powerful event for all.

The Right Schedule for You

We'll pick a day that works best for your school schedule, but typically Fridays are the day of choice.

Below is an example of an outline of the day. We will customize the assembly schedule for your site.

Example Schedule



  • 8am Kickoff Assembly


Breakout Rooms for Students and Staff

  • 9:30am Breakout Rooms #1

  • 10am Breakout Rooms #2

  • 11am Breakout Rooms #3


  • 12pm Break

  • 12:30 Lunchtime Games 


  • 1:00-3:00pm Student Project

  • 1:00pm Teacher/Admin Breakout Rooms #1

  • 2:00pm Teacher/Admin Breakout Rooms #2

  • 3:00pm Closing and Giveaways!


  • 6:00pm Parent and Community Event Kickoff

    • 6:30 Breakout Room #1

    • 7:30 Breakout Room #2

    • 8:30 Q&A Hangout?

Example of Breakout Sessions

(depends on availability of speakers)


For Students

  • Creating My Epic and Amazing True Life Story of Awesomeness (aka What Should I Do After High School?)

  • Turning Your Struggles into Superpowers

  • Navigating Social Media as a Teen Girl

  • Being the Hero Instead of the Victim

  • Turning Self Criticism into Self Compassion

  • Money Basics

  • Stop Ghosting Your Goals

  • How to Have Less Awkward Conversations

  • Stop Freaking Out (Anxiety and Panic Attacks)

  • Getting it All Done

  • Social Media Wellness

  • The Secret Sauce to Being Happier Now


For Teachers and Administration

  • Classroom & Mind Management

  • Knowing What to Do With Knuckleheads

  • Avoiding Burnout

  • Lessons from the Discipline Office - Opening Up Reluctant Teens

  • How to Get it Done Without Doing it All

  • Creating a Culture of Certainty and Sufficiency

  • Handling Critics and Criticism

  • Less Your Stress

  • Making Empowered Decisions

  • Supporting Emotional Resiliency

For Parents and Community Members

  • How to Teach Your Teen to Choose

  • Rock-Solid Relationships & Resilience

  • Social Media Wellness - Parent Edition!


All sessions are recorded and given to the school to use.



Teens are struggling and the tools to help them are out there!

One moment motivated us to do this.

The day we heard that one high school has had three suicides this year already, and first semester wasn't even over.

As a team we said, "This is enough."

We recognize that schools have many great resources, passionate counselors and psychologists, all available for students if they reach out.

But students don't always reach out.

This is why we set to work designing an experience for ALL students that isn't marketed as a "mental health" or "emotional resilience" event, but one that builds excitement and uses language that gets students curious rather than closed off.

Most of the language on this page the students will never see. This is for you, the school leaders.

For example, instead of calling a breakout room:

"Three Ways to Help You Self-Motivate"

We call it this:

"Stop Ghosting Your Goals"


The change is subtle, but it's everything.

This isn't an event driven by the worry of the adults in their lives, but an event powered by everything the students want their lives to be.

Who Are We?


Certified Teen Coaches

Our Collective Background:

  • social work

  • education

  • school administration

  • foster parenting

  • public speaking

  • teen coaching

  • parent coaching

Firmly Founded School Headshots.png

Meet Us

Ali Terry

Ali has an undergrad in human development and a masters in social work. She has 4 kids of her own, her oldest being a teenager, and has worked with many teenagers over the years in different capacities. She loves teaching, encouraging and supporting teens as well as their parents as they navigate different stages of growth and development together.

Angela Kelly

Angela is the creator of The Empowered Principal Podcast and author of her first book, The Empowered Principal. A former teacher, instructional coach, principal, and district administrator, Angela has over 25 years of experience in education and is currently the founder and CEO of Angela Kelly Coaching and is a certified life coach for school leaders. She helps school leaders navigate mental and emotional demands of the job and empowers them to build work life balance while creating high impact for their school.

Ben Pugh

From struggling “knucklehead” teen who accidentally lit his school bus on fire, to high school principal, Ben Pugh developed a special set of skills that helps him engage with “struggling” teens and their parents. In addition to being a teacher and 5-year principal, Ben was also a foster parent for 10 years, and a high school football coach for 4 years. He is now an LCS certified life coach for parents of teenagers, a podcaster, and the director of the Firmly Founded Parent, a coaching program that helps parents create more connection, happiness, and impact with their teens.

Darbi Brisbon

Darbi works with young adults and their beliefs on money, schooling, career and decision making. With her rich experience as a serial entrepreneur, she has a wealth of knowledge to help guide those who are at the point in their life where they would benefit from support. Darbi enjoys showing others how financial freedom is possible and you actually CAN love what you do.

Joey Mascio

Joey has a Masters in Education, has been a classroom teacher at both the high school and middle school levels, and volunteered to be the teacher in his school's On Campus Suspension room where he first started coaching teens. He was nominated Educator of the Year in his region in 20-21, is a public speaker for teens and young adults, and has a background in performance and improv comedy. 

How Much?


We Are Looking for Pilot Schools

We are looking for schools to pilot our event at an introductory price. If you are interested, please schedule an info call with us below. 


Introductory Prices for 2021-2022 Only

499 students or less: $1,000

500-999: $2,000

1,000-1,999: $3,000

Over 2,000: Talk To a Representative

(plus travel for hybrid events)

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