Meet our team that makes it all happen 

We created Firmly Founded Coaching to help your family build awesome relationships, get guidance and support toward reaching your goals, and make the teen years more successful and fun.

Ben Pugh

Director of The Firmly Founded Parent

I'm Ben!

I accidentally lit my school bus on fire at age 13. 

What most people thought was a huge "mistake" has actually helped me be a powerful high school principal, fun husband and father, and the best parenting life coach I can be!


⭐ Positive Relationships

⭐ Inspiring Change

⭐ Problem Solving

⭐ Being a Dad 

⭐ Being a Coach (From life to football)

How to Work with Me:

1:1 Coaching

Ali Terry

Director of The Firmly Founded College

I'm Ali! 

I love teaching, encouraging, and supporting young adults through the journey of self-discovery and confidence building.


⭐ Seeing Other's Potential

⭐ Listening

⭐ Being Positive

⭐ Shopping

⭐ Drinking Diet Coke

⭐ Sunburning

How to Work with Me:

1:1 Coaching

Joey Masico

Director of The Firmly Founded Teen

I'm Joey!

I went from awkward teen to awesome entrepreneur.

As a former middle & high school teacher, stage performer, and student counselor, I know how to help teens make the transformation they want in their lives.


⭐ Storytelling

⭐ Creative Writing

⭐ Public Speaking

⭐ Improving Self-Image

⭐ Mastering Motivation

How to Work with Me:

Daelene Byam


I'm Daelene! The anxiety coach for teens.

I love working with teens. We work on ways to allow the feeling of anxiety and still do all the things you want to do and have an amazing life.

I love working on building confidence, how to get all your homework done without stressing out, creating big goals and making and keeping friends.


⭐ Seeing the big picture

⭐ Celebrating small things

⭐ Optimistic

⭐ Finding fun in everything

How to Work with Me: