Creating Confident, Motivated Teens

Mental & emotional superpowers to help you thrive in the teen years… and beyond.



There is SO MUCH going on for a teen. You have homework that you don’t want to do, social situations that stress you the heck out, and social goals that are too scary to take action on. You’re booked!

Take all that and add self-doubt and multiply it by “not even feeling like it” and you’ve got a problem harder than any in your math class. How is a teen supposed to be successful when this is just life??

But, what if life can be better than this? 

What if you could...

  • destroy self-doubt
  • master motivation
  • control big emotions
  • create and carry conversations with ease
  • and do it all while freeing up more time to just have fun?

This is called being the GOAT at the game of life. How do you do this, you ask? Do what every GOAT does…

… get a coach.


The Firmly Founded Teen 

 A teen with access to top coaches will gain confidence faster, become more motivated, and succeed at higher rates than their peers, guaranteed.


That’s why we created the Firmly Founded Teen, the only coaching membership of its kind designed to be fun, motivating, and provide the brain training teens need to thrive during these awkward and stressful years.

If a teen feels stuck in their life and wants to improve on their current situation, then this program is for them. 

Teens will learn how to:

  • Manage their time so they can stay on top of their homework
  • Navigate social situations so they can make new friends
  • Create a powerful self-image so they can feel more confident
  • Set and achieve goals so they can quit old habits and start new ones
  • Handle big emotions so they can show up in life and make decisions 

Being the person they want to be is easy when you have the right skills. The Firmly Founded Teen gives your teen the ability to lead their life!


What Teens Get

Weekly Teen

Training Rooms

Our coaches run this live event teaching powerful lessons, sharing stories, and coaching teens.

All-Access Video Course Library

24/7 access to courses and coaching replays so you can get the help you need, when you need it. 

1 Private 25-minute Coaching Session per Month

Customized guidance from a certified teen expert!

Daily 5-minute Quick Tip Podcast Feed

Get coaching on the go so you can get the most out of your day. 

Virtual Community Events

Community builds confidence!

Text a Coach

Life happens and sometimes you need support before a call. So text us! 


Oh, did we mention that our whole membership is gamified!


Teens earn points for attending live events,  watching videos, completing challenges, and more. Those points help increase their chances to win prizes in our monthly drawings where we give away prizes teens actually want.

Plus, teens get access to all of our extras like

  • Post-show commentaries for Marvel films & shows
  • Free or discounted tickets to our live events
  • Early access to podcasts and books
  • And more! 



What are you waiting for?

Monthly Membership


  • 4 Weekly Teen Training Rooms
  • Instant Access to our Growing Video Library
  • One private 25-minute coaching session a month
  • Virtual Community Events and Prizes
  • Text a Coach

For only $57 per month! 

(That's about what you pay for their cell phone, and this will help them solve problems, not start them. Just sayin')


What Parents & Teens Are Saying:


Taryn, age 16

"This program has really helped me throughout my day to day life. Whether it's eliminating awkward conversations, or just plain believing in myself, this program helps and can help create a better you."

Parent of a 16-year-old

"I love this program for my teen! I believe this has helped her learn communication skills and has given her confidence to try new things. For example, she joined a dance class and she recently started a job. Had it not been for this teen group, she would have said no to these opportunities. She is learning to step outside of her comfort zone and experience life. And she has so much fun in this group!"

Olivia, age 17

"This program is for any teenager who exists. That's it... But seriously, if you want to feel better about yourself and your relationship with those around you, this is definitely the program for you."


Our professional coaching certifications and collective background in education, social work, and counseling makes us mentors parents want to trust with their kids.

Our crazy personalities, background in performance, and being every teen’s favorite adults makes us mentors that teens actually want to work with.

Every coach we hire fits that same description: professionals with heart and humor.