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Is It Possible to...

  • make the right decision after high school?

  • decide what to do without the drama?

  • chart a course that won't totally ruin my life?

  • choose between several good options?

  • choose between several bad options?

  • move forward with your future confidently?


Everyone is always telling you that the next couple years of your life are the most important.

That's because they are.

But just because they are super important, doesn't mean deciding what to do needs to be super stressful.

When we are confused about what to do in our lives, it's usually because we are lacking something very important: a clear self-identity.

People with clear self-identities don't fear the future because they have something firm to hold on to–even if they decide they want to change course a few years in.

This free webinar is a great place for teens to show up, present a situation or circumstance and see how this powerful tool can apply to their life to make choosing what to do after high school easier and more enjoyable.

Teens can also submit questions anonymously, volunteer to turn on their microphone, or, if they're brave enough, the double-dog-dare of turning on their mic AND camera and be coached live. Ooooo!

(totally optional, though)

Teens Ask a Coach is fun, laid back, and a great way to get some immediate results in your life. Like right now.

Well, okay, not right now now. You haven't even registered yet. But at the event now. 

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Your Coaches

These are our fabulous coaches who will be presenting at this webinar.

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Darbi Brisbon

Joey Mascio

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