What I Do

I am a Life Coach, which means a lot of people have no idea what I do.


A Life Coach guides people toward their goals through self-inquiry, accountability, and thought-work. There are many different "schools of thought" for life coaching. I follow the philosophy taught by Master Life Coaches Brooke Castillo and Jody Moore, which uses The Model to help people take control of their life.

The Model is simply this:

There are circumstances outside of us.

Circumstances trigger our thoughts.

Our thoughts lead to our feelings.

Our feelings drive our actions.

Our actions lead to our results.

We have the most control over our thoughts. By changing your thoughts you can change everything else.

I use The Model to help strengthen four specific areas for teens and their parents. I call these areas the Four Cornerstones because once you have become firm in each cornerstone you can build the life you desire.

"This should be required training for all adolescence–and their parents too!! ... Highly recommended!!!"



The Four F.I.R.M. Cornerstones


Negative emotions lead to negative actions. We have several powerful tools and strategies to process and control your emotions.

"When I get mad I can't control myself."

Then don't get mad.

(it's possible)

Individual Worth

Where does your value come from? What other people say about you? What you've accomplished? How successful or talented you are?


None of those things.

Once you believe that, your world changes. And so does your confidence.


Do you have strong relationships with the people you want to?

If not, it has nothing to do with them.

You are responsible for your relationships. Period.

And you have more control than you think.


Perception is the solution to every problem. 

Are people just the worst? Does no one respect you? Is getting what you want difficult?

You have the power to change that.

Your thoughts are the most powerful tool you have, and you're under-utilizing them.


I work with any teen or young adult ages 14 and up who

  • is struggling with stress and anxiety

  • feels like they don't fit in

  • is struggling with self-confidence

  • wants to become a better person

  • wants to have better relationships (friends, family, dating)

I work with parents of teenagers who

  • want to improve their relationship with their teen

  • feel they are not the parent they want to be

  • are struggling with the choices their teen is making 


Since the program’s success depends on active participation, those going through the program have to be willing participants.

I am not a therapist, psychiatrist, or medical professional. If you feel that you or your teen is struggling with a severe medical condition, I strongly encourage you to reach out to a medical professional. As a life coach, I work with well people who want to become better, stronger versions of themselves.